This farm belonged to Marty Dornan before being sold to land developers who are making way for new communities in the South of Edmonton. I was lucky to pass by and talk to Marty for a little while about the property and the house that was on it. The house was built in the late 1920s and lived in until 2013. The farm housed RV's, a classic red barn, two smaller buildings for storage, a garage and shelter for the small herd of cattle that were there for a number of years, from what I remember.

On another visit, the main barn had been burned to the ground. A friend of mine, Sandy, found a cat in there that had unfortunately been caught in the blaze. Thankfully the cat lived and was fostered by Sandy for a few weeks before being adopted by his sister and her husband.

"I found him while on a photo shoot by a burnt barn that someone set on fire, his friends/family died in the barn fire, I found him days later meowing, and literally crawling through the ash and burnt grass to find the sound of my voice as I called to him. He looked really awful and quite shocking when I found him, his eyes were so badly infected that it looked like he had no eyes left. His ear tips were burnt off and his whiskers and face/body hair was all melted and black. His paws were burnt badly and he couldn't even walk, or see. It was really something. I scooped him up and brought him downtown to the animal care center, weeks later he is finally OK, he was infected, in lots of pain from burns and needed tons of medical attention. He couldn't eat or drink when I found him and had smoke inhalation problems, was wheezing and coughing too. He was really skinny and was basically dying in the middle of a field, crying out for help .... Loudly and quite desperately. I felt it was up to me to see his health and adoption proceeds all the way through. He's extremely friendly and in full health now. He seems very happy to be here."

I hope the fire wasn't arson and was planned, but it saddens me that it wasn't checked for animals before lighting it up. I passed by this farm regularly on the way to The Grainery and only got a glimpse of it when all the trees had been taken down and when it was sold.